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"Engrish pls?"

Hi there!

Apparently you were hoping you could buy comics here in our webstore, but found yourself in a shop with a lot of Dutch text and couldn't make much sense out of it... Right?

No fear!

Luckily I read, write and understand English pretty well and wether you live in Holland but don't really understand Dutch, or you live outside of Holland and you just want to buy comics online and have them shipped to the country you (currently) live in... iGeekz can help you purchase your comics and have them sent to you!

If DHL or DPD can get to where you live, so can your comics!

I don't charge anything extra-extra on Shipping & Handling, apart from an equivalent of € 0,15 per comic for the supplied backerboard and bag, on top of the standard courier fees applicable to your country.

"So how does this work, then?"

It's pretty simple. All you need to do is make an account and fill up your shopping cart.

If you're not sure what to fill in on one (or more) of the entries on the registration form, just fill in what you think you need to fill in! I'll sort out whatever is not correct, no problem.

What's most important, is your e-mail address. We'll fine-tune everything later on, no worries.

So, after you've filled your shopping cart with the comics you would like to buy, we will both get notified when you place that order. From there on you will have to wait a little bit, while I try and sort out what the Shipping & Handling fees will total to, to get the comics to where you live.

This might take a bit, but trust me when I say I'll try and get it done as soon as humanly possible!

Once the fees are sorted out, I will add that amount to the total price for the comics you put in your cart, add the backerboard and bags and I'll inform you by another e-mail on the total amount of money it will cost you to get the comics shipped to you.

Once I've received the payment in my bank account, I will start packing the parcel and hand it over to the courier of choice. Once that's done, I will send you one more e-mail containing the Track and Trace code for your delivery. All that's left, is wait and be sure to be home at the day and time it arrives.

That's pretty much it! :)

"Alright! And can I order comics by subscription from you, as well?"

Sure you can! However, it goes a bit different than adding back-issues to your cart and ordering those...

What you would need to do to get your subscription started, is send me an e-mail telling me which series and/or upcoming issue numbers you would like to recieve.

I will then reply to your e-mail asking you how often you would want me to send the comics to you. By that time I should have figured out what the costs will be for shipping and handling your comics to you. Keep in mind that sending several comics at the same time will be a lot cheaper, than getting every issue of the comics you have a subscription on immediately on the day they come out.

In some cases, it might be wiser to have me gather the comics and keep them with me, until a box can be fully filled up with comics and send them to you as a batch.

Either way, in the end, you decide the frequency of delivery of your newest comics by subscription! You make the call. :)